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"Knee surgery was not on the top of my list of priorities, but as my range of motion began to decrease, I knew I was just cheating myself out of leading a productive life. These days, osteo doctors offer a new set of non-replacement type options to my delight. Facing the issue head on took some time but it is the best thing I could have done."
- M. Lester

"I used to have a tough time getting around. I went to three doctors. They all wanted to perform experimental techniques that medicare didn't cover. Finally, I visited an osteo doctor who really listened to my concerns and came up with a non-invasive solution for my joint pain. I can move around and most importantly visit my neighborhood park with the grandkids again."
- S. Harper

"Over the course of a year my osteoarthritis set in rather quickly so I needed help with pain management right away. I was referred to Osteo Doctors who were able to get me in for some immediate attention. The injections kept my pain at bay while I finished some rather time sensitive work that required I stay on my feet throughout the day. I was able to change jobs with my reputation intact. Thank You!"
- L. Scotton

"I read somewhere that the key to staying young is to remain active and use the muscles in your legs and arms as much as possible to avoid the loss of muscle density. My knee pain made me feel like I was a prisoner in my own home. That is, until I was referred to osteo doctors. They proposed a solution for my pain that didn't involve invasive surgery. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me."
- R. Kalbus

"It's difficult to say exactly what led to my knee problems, jogging, hiking, weightlifting. It could be a combination of all three or maybe my hectic work schedule at the hospital. When I found myself having a harder and harder time getting around I immediately sought out osteo doctors on the suggestion of my colleagues. I am glad there are options like the ones you offer!"
- L. Cassidy

"I called Osteo Doctors for my aunt. She was having difficulty walking from one room to the next. She didn't think there was any way to fix the ambling shuffle she had developed after her hip surgery. From her perspective the pain had simply "moved" from her hip to her knees. I translated for her at the appointment. The car ride home was filled with hope that she thought she had lost. Two weeks later, she was pleasantly surprised with the results. She wanted me to write a note of thanks to you for all you've done."
- H. Nguyen

"I know now that I had gone too long in seeking help for my knee pain. I had seen my friends go through joint replacement and, in one case take several years to get used to walking with a big piece of metal in their knee. That experience alone kept me away from osteo doctors for years. My daughter told me that medicine had come a long way since then and dragged me to an appointment. After a month, I was moving around with the lightness of ten years ago. My only regret is not having sought your help earlier. Thank you, Osteo Doctors."
- A. Portman

"Over the last two years my doctor had noticed some degradation in the cartilage of my joints but the typical courses of Glucosamine/Condritin and therapy didn't seem to be working. I asked him if there were less invasive procedures that those he wanted to try. His response was that I wanted to do this now while I was strong enough to do the months of intensive therapy that was required after surgery. That scared me a little but I wanted to get another opinion. Osteo Doctors offered non-surgical procedures that were right for me. Thank you!"
- S. Borgman

"I just wanted to walk faster but the costs of major surgery were out of my reach because I didn't have insurance and I didn't qualify for medicare. Osteo Doctors offered me a sensible solution that worked for my finances and most importantly I was able to return to work after just about a week. You've helped improve my opinion of the medical community!"
- R. Wentz

"I had knee replacement surgery on my right knee and was scheduled for the left knee a year later. The process was very painful and I took several months to recover. It was so inconvenient that I began to look for alternatives. Osteo Doctors had the right answers and the procedures they were proposing would still allow for the knee replacement if I still wanted to go through with that procedure."
- G. Moyer

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